• Understand your customer

  • Optimize your sales

  • Win a larger share

Unparalleled business intelligence to inform your strategies

Checkout TrackingSM provides the most thorough information on consumer buying behavior ever collected.

We offer total transparency into your industry and your competitors down to the transaction level. We offer access to shoppers’ total discretionary spend, not just individual categories. And we frame it in scenarios that provide unimaginable insight into customers’ habits, buying sequences, and baskets.

No longer do you need to extrapolate from data based only in e-commerce, or only in brick-and-mortar.

Our data knows everything. You should too.

How is all this possible?

We mine millions of receipts from millions of actual consumers - yielding transaction-level detail across all retailers and restaurants, across all channels and all time, at the individual buyer level.

The result? Unparalleled business intelligence to inform your strategies.

Your competitors want to take what you’ve built. The data will stop them.

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