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The Power of Receipts
The Knowledge of Experts

Millions of receipts from millions of people, processed at extraordinary speeds, mined for insights, benchmarked to industry standards, explained by the most experienced team in the industry….all to help you develop and execute more effective strategies.

To stay ahead of trends and understand the levers that influence purchase decisions, manufacturers and retailers need a comprehensive view of consumer buying behavior. The granular level of detail required has not been available until now.

Checkout Tracking drives changes in your business by mining receipts from millions of actual consumers - yielding transaction-level detail across all retailers and restaurants, across all channels, over time, at the individual buyer level. Benchmarked against The NPD Group’s established data of record, using industry-standard hierarchies, it provides a unique view into consumer trends and buying behaviors.

Only Checkout Tracking lets you see your sales and those of your competitors. Checkout Tracking is based on receipts provided by consumers who “opt in.” So we can provide total visibility into everything: all categories, all channels (brick and mortar, online, direct-to-consumer, etc.) at the product level.

Information is collected from more than 50,000 consumers from NPD’s receipt-harvesting mobile phone app and the scanning of more than 2 million active in-boxes for e-receipts through Slice Intelligence. Both online and in-store data covers purchases at the category, brand, and item levels.

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