Understanding consumer behavior has never been more important – or more challenging.

Our products and approaches enable you to meet the challenge … and win. We provide:

  • A total and complete picture of your industry and your competitors.
  • Full insight into products, market baskets, attach rates, purchase sequence, and more.
  • Detailed, nuanced, and surprising insights into your customers and those of your competitors.

Never before have you had access to the level of understanding to be found in Checkout TrackingSM.

Increase your market share

Understand where you are relative to the industry. Assess the size and direction of the top players in your industry. Study dollar value, unit share, price, and the direction of the market.

Understand consumer shopping behavior

See what’s driving your position in the market. Is your share rising? Falling? Learn if it’s caused by a change in the number of customers, purchase frequency, or the size of purchase.

Engage your customers

Gain a detailed understanding of your customers across competitors so you can create new strategies to win more of their spend.

Optimize sales

Better inform your merchandising and pricing strategies by understanding how people purchase merchandise together. See how to get the optimal amount in every purchase occasion.  

We craft our data into a three-pronged offering, delivered according to your preferences, filled with actionable insights to inform your strategies:

  • An interactive, visual view in Tableau-based, syndicated Dashboards for broad use across your company;
  • Detailed, comprehensive Intelligence Reports that are carefully crafted to provide new levels of understanding around key issues
  • Deep and focused analytics from our world-renowned team of data scientists, expert analysts, and researchers.

Checkout Tracking is the premier service for sophisticated clients who know that change is inevitable… and must be mastered.


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