Some challenges are so intense, so specific and so daunting, that they demand more than just data to resolve. In such situations, you need to form an alliance with someone who understands your business and the data.

Our team of analysts is ready to provide custom reporting and bespoke insightful analyses to address client business issues.

Checkout Tracking’s analytics option provides access to unimagined levels of data, unparalleled expertise, and the unimpeachable level of skill of The NPD Group, a leading force in shopper insights across the globe for a half-century.

Whatever your challenge, wherever it comes from, and however it manifests, our analytics service can find the answer and point the way to success.

Increase your customer value by asking the right questions of Checkout Analytics:

  • Are your customers leaving to shop with your competitors (or vice versa)?  Is your change in sales volume due to change in spend per customer, or customer switching?
  • Who are your heaviest customers, and how much of your business depends on that core group. Learn the value of special offers, loyalty programs and more for each group, tweak accordingly and maximize revenue.
  • Does your store come first, middle or last in a customer’s shopping trip?  Which other retailers are they visiting before and after your store, and what impact does it have on you? Where do you want to be in the sequence and how do you get there?
  • What leads a consumer to buy a big-ticket item? What are the effects on shopping in any given category when a consumer invests in a voice-activated assistant? What are the attach rates for a product over time? Longitudinal data has the answers that can inform your outbound marketing and retail strategies.


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